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Domain Registration & Web Hosting
When you plan to establish your business online, you require a fully functional website. However, before you can even discuss the details such as its designs and functions, you need a space where you can host it.

Unless your site is accessible and stable, its layout and functionality won’t matter. This is why; 101 Design Tech offers the most proficient and secure web hosting services, in addition to its expert custom web development, design, internet marketing and all the other inclusive services.

A site that loads slowly with missing images and broken links loses visitors and makes them switch to another site. However, with trustworthy 101 Design Tech hosting services, you can rest easy knowing that your site is not just in good hands but is also always accessible to its clients.

For more details about our web hosting plans, call us at 02 8880 7642!

What Our Web Hosting Offers?
  Customer Support 24/7
  Continuous monitoring
  Company Email Accounts
  99% Uptime
  Weekly Backups
  A wealth of disk space
  Domain Expiration Monitor
  Free Changes in website


Top 3 Things We Deliver To You

So what does all of this mean for you? It's simple, really. It means we can deliver the following:

More Exposure Online

More Clients Calling

More Revenue